Who Am I?

Who am I?

As men, we often ask ourself this question. Or at the least, we answer this question to others.
We begin to list our jobs, family, accomplishments, and sometimes our hobbies. But that isn’t who we are, it’s just a list of some surface level things that we do.

But who am I really?
Strip it all away and at our core, who am I?
If we do not know who we truly are then we often find ourselves trying to become who others want us to be. Trying to please others is a surefire way to make sure we live an unhappy and unfulfilled life.

On Sunday mornings we will get gussied up and present our best self as we enter the doors of the church house.
At home, we do our best to be the husband and father needed.
Around the water cooler at work, we laugh and tell jokes that we would not tell on Sunday morning.
When hanging with our friends after work we say things that we would not say in front of our wife and kids.

We change and try to fit ourselves to be who others want, instead of being our true self all the time.

One of the great things about being in the woods alone is that here we can be honest and find our true self. It’s here that we have no one else around that we are trying to impress. No concern about what others may think about us. It’s just us alone in our purest form.

Just us, the Creator, and his creation. And here we are who we truly are.

Sometimes that can be scary, but the great blessing of being alone is that we can reflect on who we are at our core. It is critical that we have time to be able to do some self-reflection and be honest with ourself. It is vital to know where we are before we set out on a path to where we want to be. Before you know where you’re going you have to know where you are.

Once we know where we are we can turn it over to God. And God can take us to where we need to be and mold us into who we need to be if we will let him.