I really appreciate you stopping by to check out the simple words that I put on paper.

Throughout my writing, there are a few themes that you will find. If you don’t agree with me, that’s great because if you agreed with me on every word you read here, I’d be a little concerned about your sanity as I know what goes on inside my own skull. And when it comes to disagreements, I am open for discussion and always welcome learning especially if it can make me better.

This is my home here on the interwebs and I am grateful that you stopped by. My prayer is that you will leave here better than you were when you stopped by. While some of the posts may seem to fly around scattered around like a space cadet, they are the thoughts that are flying around this mushy brain of mine. While I have been known to change my mind, I promise to provide the best and most current information that I can here and through Doc’s One Shot!

Here I promise as my friend and mentor, Cuz Strickland says about his writing – no bad words and no big words.

So throughout the post here, you will find that there are four main themes that I live by and therefore most post can be filed under one of these four categories and often will bleed into each other as I feel they are intertwined and related.


Swing by often and I’m sure I will say something that will cause you to question my sanity, make you laugh, challenge you, cause you to think, and if you’re not careful you may even learn something.
But over everything, my goal is to help you become better in some aspect of your life (Tweet this).


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