Thor Day Challenge 8-11-16

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Thor Day Challenge

Today’s Thor Day Challenge is going to challenge our hearts and muscles. We are going to be doing a 4 exercise complex.


A complex is a series of exercises using the same weight without ever letting the weight leave your hands. Once you pick the weight up, complete every rep of every exercise before letting it go. Once you complete every rep of every exercise you can set the weight down and rest as you need. Or you can just keep going on to the next set.


Today’s complex is going to include 4 exercises. We are going to complete 5 reps of each exercise to complete one set. The goal is to complete a total of 5 sets.

Deadlift – Clean – Shoulder Press – Front Squat

Begin with the weight on the ground and complete 5 deadlifts. Then with the weight at your hips, clean the weight up to your shoulder just under your chin 5 times. Next press the weight up above your head and bring it back down to your shoulders just below your chin for 5 reps. And to complete the complex, holding the weight at your shoulders just under you chin, bust out 5 solid reps of squats. Now you can drop the weight and prepare for your next round.