About 4 years ago my friend Brad and his brother Kid President had an idea to help the homeless. So he decided to collect socks and then give them to those in need.

Now it is time for us as outdoorsmen to step up and help out. As hunters, we have plenty of socks to keep us warm during the cold winter hunts, but for many Americans, one pair of warm socks could make a huge difference!

So, let’s come together as outdoorsmen and join in SOCK-TOBER to share our warmth and blessings with others. So let’s get involved to make a difference.

  • You can send your socks in, but I suggest that you start a local group to gather socks. Next time you’re in Bass Pro, grab an extra pair of their RedHead socks and start your own SOCK-TOBER.
  • Start a collection at church.
  • Start a collection at your job.
  • Collect socks from members of your hunting club. Make it an earn a deer program – one pair of socks for every deer you harvest.
  • Get your kids or grandkids involved. Help them to start a collection at school or church.

I have an audacious (some have said crazy) plan to raise more awareness towards the end of the month. I will post more details next week as we finalize it all but I hope that you will get involved by either donating socks or put up a little cash to help out those in need.

For more info on how to get involved check out