In case you haven’t heard, there is a new hunting craze sweeping the nation – Pokemon Go.

I have heard many talking about the detriments of hunting for these cartoon characters and while they may have some valid points, the game also offers up some great benefits.

So, if you’re like me and have no idea what a Pokemon is but always interested and intrigued when someone mentions hunting, here is the premise of hunting a Pokemon.

Pokemon Hunt
Pokemon Hunt

Pokemon Go is described as a location-based augmented reality mobile game. So lets put that in english, this game mixes the real world with virtual reality. In other words you walk around in the real world looking at your phone (as most folks do anyway) at the Pokemon’s world in search of these Pokemon creatures. Over the past few weeks since it was released, there have been a few incidents of note due to Pokemon Go.

  • One man was bitten by a snake.
  • 2 men fell off a cliff in California, both survived.
  • A man in Oregon was stabbed but kept playing before seeking medical care including 8 stitches.
  • A couple Canadian kids were so deeply involved in hunting Pokemon, they walked across the border into Montana where US Border Patrol redirected them back north.

Yeah, some folks got a little too involved in the technology aspect but I have found a few benefits of this whole hunting Pokemon rage.

First off, people are hunting. Sure, they don’t get to bring home delicious healthy food, but at least they are talking about hunting in a positive light. They are talking with friends (while still looking at their phones) about hunting. They are posting photos of the Pokemon they have successfully hunted down. And in the news they are talking about all the Pokemon that are being hunted. And just like hunting and fishing, these characters are ranked on a points scale. The same way we talk about how much a fish weighs or how big and old the buck we got on our trail camera last week, these characters are rated on a points scale. And while they are hunting goofy looking cartoon characters, if folks are talking about hunting, its a step in the right direction!

Secondly, hunting Pokemon is getting folks more active. Pokemon Go tracks your movements and measures your distances covered via GPS. And the more ground you can cover, the more likely you are to hunt down an elusive Pokemon. As the next generation has been projected to live shorter with many more health problems than us due to inactivity and poor food choices, getting kids outside (even if it means holding on to their electronic devices) is a step in the right direction. Maybe they will actually look up from their devices and see the beauty that God has blessed us with and be able to appreciate it without looking at it through their phones.

I must confess, Ive never played Pokemon. And I don’t plan on hunting any Pokemon down anytime soon. But if you know how to cook them up, let me know and I’ll definitely start hunting some Pokemon down!!!

Get Action
– Brooks