Pass It On

Our kids need us.
Today more than ever, our kids desperately need us.
Kids need men in their lives!
Our sons need us as examples of who to become. Our daughters need us to show them how a man treats a woman.
Boys need to watch and imitate Godly men in order to grow up to become men of GOD.
Young girls need examples of a man so that they may one day be able to discern and find a Godly man.
Look around at the world today and we see many young folks are wandering aimlessly. They are searching and struggling.
We hear that many today feel entitled, causing trouble, lack ambition, and are often the cause of the terrible things we hear in the news.
We are falling short!
When our young are lost, it is most often due to a lack of guidance and leadership. We have failed to show them the way.
It is our duty to pass it on.
To pass on our morals.
To pass on our ethics.
To pass on our love for GOD.
But we can not make our kids do anything. We have been given a commandment to teach, guide, and lead.
While we can preach, lecture, and tell them til we are blue in the face and they pass out from boredom, the true way of passing it on is by example.
Let them see you do what is needed.
Let them see you do what is right.
Let them see you lead.
Let them see you do more than expected.
Let them see you fail and get back up.
Let them see your resilience.
Let them see your love.
Let them see your passion for life,
Let them see you get your hands dirty.
Let them see your determination and dedication.
Let them see you kiss momma.
Let them see you get ready and worship on Sunday morning.
While we may not be the men that our kids need today, but we can be. We can become who we need to be.
GOD can mold us and make us into who He needs us to be for the betterment of our kids.
Write down the traits you want your kids to see in you.
List the characteristics you want to instill in your sons, and for the men that you desire to marry your daughters.
Take some time to make a list and then see how you match up to that list.
Now its time to become the man you have described. Take on the traits and characteristics of the man you need to be.
Look at the list every morning and pray to be that man.
Look at the list every night and pray to be that man.
When a crisis hits refer to the list.
When times get tough and life gets hard, reflect on your list.

Day by day GOD will help you become the man that GOD created you to be.


A leader and example to your family.

A leader for GOD.

Be the man that GOD needs.

Be the man your Wife needs.

Be the man your children need.

Be the man that you need to be!

We pass it on by example.

Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it. - Proverbs 22:6