THOR Day Challenge 9-15-16


Today’s THOR Day Challenge is in honor of my dad’s birthday.

He is the man that has taught me not only to hunt but to take care of myself with exercise. My dad has set a great example for me and many more by the way he has lived his life.

Today will be an endurance test

When we enter the woods we do not need to be able to run a marathon but being able to cover a short distance quickly could make a huge difference.

1 MILE as quickly as possible.

No need to set any land speed records. We are only competing against ourselves. Walk, run, jog, crawl, or any combination to cover 1 mile. No need to carry your pack. Just get the mile in. Time yourself and record it. Then test yourself again in a week. This is how you know if you are getting better. Better Everyday!!

Get Action!!
– Brooks

THOR Day Challenge 9-8-16

Today’s THOR DAY CHALLENGE was live on Facebook this morning.

A great start to the morning with a quick training session. Getting the heart and body going gets us ready to tackle the day – physically, mentally, and spiritually.

3 exercises. 15 seconds on with 5 seconds of rest.




Completing one round will be one minute. The goal is to complete at least 5 rounds. Go for more if you can!

Check out more on the facebook page!


THOR Day Challenge 9-1-16

THOR Day Challenge 9-1-16

Today’s challenge consist of 3 exercises.

We begin with Mountain Climbers to get the heart ticking, then Single Arm Rows to improve our shoulder and back strength to prep for archery season, and finish with Lateral Lunge to ensure our legs are ready to hike up and down the hills and hollers.

  • Mountain Climbers = 10-30 seconds (modify to your current level)

  • Single Arm Rows = 10 reps each arm (adjust weight as needed making sure to keep the shoulder back and tight to avoid a pointy shoulder)

  • Lateral Lunge = 10 to each side (go as low as you can depending on your mobility)

Get after it and be ready for archery season!

Get Action

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