Thor Day Challenge – 8-18-16

Thor Day Challenge

Minute Fit Tip

Just 5 minutes. Iit only takes a small amount of time and commitment to improve our health.

Just commit to 5 minutes a day.

Get out of bed and take a 5-minute walk. Take a 5-minute walk during lunch or get a quick 5-minute walk as soon as you get home from work.

If after 5 minutes you don’t want to do anymore, then stop and get on with your day.
But as we learned in grade school ‘an object in motion stays in motion’. So if we just get going, it is easier to keep going. As we move more we get healthier and then we move more which in turn makes us healthier. When we take action we, in turn, take more action.

Just commit to 5 minutes a day. Stick to a 5 minutes commitment and do more when you feel like it. Soon you will be moving more and living a better and healthier life!

Get Action
– Brooks



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Thor Day Challenge 8-11-16

Thor Day Challenge

Today’s Thor Day Challenge is going to challenge our hearts and muscles. We are going to be doing a 4 exercise complex.


A complex is a series of exercises using the same weight without ever letting the weight leave your hands. Once you pick the weight up, complete every rep of every exercise before letting it go. Once you complete every rep of every exercise you can set the weight down and rest as you need. Or you can just keep going on to the next set.


Today’s complex is going to include 4 exercises. We are going to complete 5 reps of each exercise to complete one set. The goal is to complete a total of 5 sets.

Deadlift – Clean – Shoulder Press – Front Squat

Begin with the weight on the ground and complete 5 deadlifts. Then with the weight at your hips, clean the weight up to your shoulder just under your chin 5 times. Next press the weight up above your head and bring it back down to your shoulders just below your chin for 5 reps. And to complete the complex, holding the weight at your shoulders just under you chin, bust out 5 solid reps of squats. Now you can drop the weight and prepare for your next round.

Thor Day Challenge 8/4/16

Today’s challenge involves a primal movement of life – picking things up and carrying them.

So for today’s challenge all we need is an object to pick up and carry around. It can be a medicine ball, sandbag, log, use your hunting pack, or use your kids (if they don’t squirm too much.

Begin by picking up your chosen object off the ground and throw it on your shoulder. Walk 50 yards down and back (for extra challenge walk up and down a hill) then when you return to starting position, place object on the ground and complete 10 push ups. Now pick it up again and put it on your left shoulder and walk 50 yards down and back. Throw it down and perform 20 jumping jacks. Complete 5 rounds with proper form as quickly as possible


Share with your hunting buddies to compete with them. Post your time, comments, and questions below.

#GetAction and become a #HealthyHunter!!

– Brooks



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The site is, so this is my home here on the interwebs and I am grateful that you stopped by. My prayer is that you will leave here better than you were when you stopped by. While some of the posts may seem to fly around scattered around like a space cadet, they are the thoughts that are flying around this mushy brain of mine. While I have been known to change my mind, I promise to provide the best and most current information that I can here and through Doc’s One Shot!

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